Bohemian Wallpapers Now Available in Singapore

Wallpaper that brings together a rich and floral pattern , which certainly does not go unnoticed, with desaturated colors , therefore not vivid and in general a dark shade , a kind of burgundy that fades into brown .

This wallpaper singapore is perfect for an environment that does not have a lot of furniture , of which it can become the absolute protagonist, but also for classic style environments , with large very dark furniture, because it makes them stand out, especially if you use this motif only on some walls.

Nature first

If we say bohemian we also automatically say nature in the first place . Yes, because as we said at the beginning, the bohemian culture recalls the love for all that is natural , relaxing, welcoming. That is why it is then possible to decorate the walls of your home with wallpaper singapore in wonderfully natural colors and with a motif that is a riot of Mother Nature elements .

This is a choice only for the brave, however. It is a wallpaper that can easily tire. To use with white furniture : the contrast will be enchanting or to mix with rich furniture , for a creative and artistic effect.

Simplicity and geometric motif

Bohemian-style wallpapers focus on simplicity and neutral tones . The geometric pattern creates a feeling of cleanliness and order , as does the orange color on a white background . It goes perfectly with a clean , minimal and natural wood furniture .

Wallpaper for the bohemian style: pictures and photos

As you can see from the pictures in the article, there are plenty of bohemian style wallpaper ideas. You can opt for a choice that focuses all the attention on the walls and therefore choose a richer wallpaper to create accent walls, or you can focus on a decoration that accompanies and enhances the rest of the furniture, but without exaggerating. Here are the ideas collected in a gallery.