How To Backup Iphone To External Hard Drive. Backup iphone to external hard drive via itunes; You just have to connect your external hard drive and copy the entire folder from your computer to the external hard drive.

How to Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive
How to Backup iPhone to External Hard Drive from

This can be a challenge if you are not very ‘techie’. Finally, let's test this out properly. Rename the current backup folder.

Run The Software, And Connect Your External Hard Drive To The Computer.

The larger the backup files, the less space you have in limited icloud storage or on your pc. You also have to make sure that you have a new folder that is named “iphone backup” that is in. Do the same on windows.

Simple, You Backup Iphone To External Hard Drive And Keep All Your Data Safe And Protected.

Rename the current backup folder. The following article has information about where to find the folders and files where the backups are stored on your hard drive. Click start backup to transfer every iphone photo to external hard drive in seconds.

Make Sure The Hard Drive And Iphone (Or Ipad) Are Both Plugged In, And Trigger A Backup In Itunes.

At the root of the external hard drive, create a new folder called mobilesync. The biggest problem, however, is storage. Click the device icon in the top left, then click “back up now.”

To Complete The Process Follow These Steps:

Set external drive as output directory for backup. Can you backup your iphone to the external drive using itunes? To back up iphone onto the external drive, you need to change the location to redirect the ios backup to your drive.

For Instance, If The Drive Letter Of Your External Hard Drive Is “D,” Then The Path To The Mobilesync Folder Would Be D:\Mobilesync.

Sign in with your apple id and click on the image section. Backing up iphone using icloud or itunes has its pros and cons. Even if you are technically challenged, you can still manage it.

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